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Introduced in March 2023, TURN IT UP stands as the next chapter in DJ Binho Uckermann's evolution. Under the creative guidance of director David Godoy, this project builds upon the success of MOVE IT, promising an even more electrifying experience for fans. With innovative visuals, meticulously crafted set mixes, and a commitment to pushing boundaries, TURN IT UP is poised to redefine the DJ landscape.


TURN IT UP also highlights Binho’s prowess as a music producer with his official remix of Miley Cyrus's acclaimed track "Flowers." This mix not only amplifies the project's sonic appeal but also underscores Binho's versatility, showcasing his distinct touch as a producer. With TURN IT UP, he invites music enthusiasts to witness the his dynamic synergy of DJ and producer, creating an immersive experience beyond the dance floor.

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